International art will be showcased from artists already on the global podium to talented recent graduates.

I would like to get to know you and your work. Museumplein and our fair provide the stage, exhibitors get discovered and receive international attention and sales. We will prepare you for this:

1 If you are accepted, the ballotage will be cancelled and otherwise I would like to receive your name, telephone number, website and where you will be exhibiting in the coming year.

2 Afterwards you will receive an offer that is valid for 7 days. The registration fee must be paid within that period, otherwise the offer will be withdrawn. If you pay the full amount within 7 days, you are entitled to a 10% discount on the full amount.

3 Once the registration fee has been paid, an appointment will be made to visit you here in The Netherlands.

4 Meet and discuss what I will do for you in the near future, PR and publicity. I will conduct an interview with you in order to introduce you to the general public. It’s up to you whether it is live, spoken or written.

5 You will be sent the invoice and the contract.

6 One month before the fair, an information afternoon will be held where you can meet your fellow exhibitor and the event hostess who you will take over from you when you are not present and who will be able support you during conversations, speaks several languages and has studied art history.

The fair/exhibition is an open event and will therefore not be blocked off by any closed stands. It is an engaging and amazing event with international art such as paintings, photography, jewellery and ceramics. Several galleries will also be presenting themselves. You get to arrange with us when you will be present. If you are not available, the event representative will be present to manage your booth professionally!

The exhibition will be opened by a Museum Director and this has already been done in the past by Axel RĂ¼ger van the Van Gogh Museum, Michael Huijser from the Scheepvaartmuseum, Xandra Brood, Lulu Wang and the board of directors from Gogh Huis Emmen. The Hermitage edition was opened in 2016 by vice-premier Kajsa Ollongren.