Who is it meant for?

In 2020 we will have 3 exhibitions on Amsterdam’s Museumplein. The line-up always consists of independent artists, artists associated with a gallery and 3 galleries and a museum wall.We vote by ballot on the quality of your art, your CV and where you have recently exhibited and will be exhibiting in the coming year. This has to be a step forward. There is also room for the artist who does not have a CV.

Voting by ballot takes place transparently. If your work is not suitable for the Museumplein, you may contact us to find out why. It may be the quality of your work, but also the fact that your work can be seen everywhere (in the gallery circuit) or that you are planning to exhibit it afterwards at an exhibition that is not up to standard when it comes to exhibitors and/or venue, and therefore compromises your ‘CV’ and/or your next step.

International art or art with the potential to achieve that. Independent artists, artists linked to a gallery where we also refer to the name of the gallery. Distinguished galleries. Not the kind of art ‘that you see all over the place’. Visitors to the Museumplein have high expectations, are willing to make purchases and listen to your story. We focus on our type of visitors. They are here for the art. They are visitors to PC Hooftstraat,  MocaMuseum and, for example, the Diamond Museum and Royal Coster Diamonds. Or music lovers of the Royal Concertgebouw of Amsterdam. International tourists, journalists, museums, galleries that view the art professionally and are delighted by ArtExpo Amsterdam. That’s been proven!

We speak to every exhibitor well in advance.

A luxurious pavilion located along the footpath from the Rijksmuseum to the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. A semi-transparent roof, plenty of space for your art. A temporary museum.